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Experience & Expertise

Mr. Rakesh Nizare
(Whole time director)

He is post graduate having more than 15 years hard core work experience in stock market  thorough knowledge of analysing stock and portfolio management is one of the positive advantage available to company. Further his vide social relation due to active in NGO related activities going to help lots to the company to widen scope of activities in different areas.

Mr. Rajendra Chopra

Promoter of the company having more than 25 years of experience in the field of shares, stock and capital market. he is post graduate in finance and having expertise in selling financial products.

Mr. Dipesh patel
(independent director)

He was executive director in one of the Gujarat based NBFC. he is  post graduate with professional qualification. the appointment of Mr.Dipesh Patel as independent director is to professionalized  board of the company.

Mrs .Dhwani Contractor
(independent director)

Mrs. Dhvani Hareshbhai Contractor is aged about 31years, received a Degree in B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) has around 7 Years of experience as consultant for many Corporate relating to Effluent treatment plant. She is also good administrator and sound experience to deal with critical situations.

Mr. Sachin bhatt
(finance head)

Mr. Sachin Bhatt is MBA finance and has completed partly qualification of association of chartered certified accountants. 

Ms. Asmita Purohit
(company secretary & compliance officer)

Ms. Asmita Purohit  is qualified company secretary and compliance officer of the Company.